Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5 Months!

Yes, another month has passed already! Rome is getting so big. I am guessing that he weighs 19 lbs! He is still practicing sitting up and standing. He is eating well and tries new fruits and veggies all the time. He is not a fan of rice cereal or oatmeal. He is teething, but no teeth yet. He sucks on his thumb, or mostly chews on it. We are working on him holding his own teething toys and sippy cup. He will get it soon. He also has started see-sawing. Where he puts his shoulders up then puts his bum up. So, crawling lessons are on their way. He is still on his sleep protest. I think it might have to do with his teething. He is great if I can convince him to take two naps a day. He is also waking up at night a lot. I am getting used to it again. He is noticing a lot more things. He looks at the patterns on your shirt or the chair and even the little dogs. He will watch them and just giggle. It is great fun to play with him in the morning when he is super happy! He is really getting a little personality. I cannot wait for his 6 month pretty pictures. My friend Annie is going to take them for me.


Lacey said...

awwww! Look at him sitting up and being so cute with his teddy and all his spikey fuzzy hair!

Jocie said...

The fuzzy hair is new! He gets it from his dad. So cute though!