Monday, October 27, 2008

Just Thinking

I was just thinking of how I miss my little guy being little. He is not that big yet, but he used to be so little! I miss him nursing for half an hour every couple hours. I miss him just sleeping. Yea, sleeping is nice. I miss him being happy wherever I put him or wherever we were. I think it is funny only because he is just in the other room kicking away. (He is still on his sleeping strike and, after talking to my friend who went through the same thing with her little boy, I have decided that he needs to learn to put himself to sleep again. So, he is in his crib because it is nap time and he is tired AND he is playing and crying and NOT sleeping. Oh, well. He will get it sooner or later) I just think it is funny that I can miss him when he is here. I do not miss him needing me to hold, rock and juggle him every minute of the day. He is tired and cranky and I am tired and cranky and he won't go to anybody else. I like that he likes me and wants me, but being needed All The Time is HARD work. Oh, being a mother is not what I thought it would be.

Yes, I cut out my entire family.
Turns out I have NO pictures of just Rome and I. NONE. sad.

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Dan, Dan, The REI Man said...

Sleeping Strike, huh? nice. :) ROFL