Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bye Bye Bib or Bandana Baby

Rome has outgrown his bibs. Well, actually he learned how to pull them off. I would put it on and as soon as he noticed it he would pull it off. I kept trying, but eventually gave up. He still drools everywhere. I just have to wipe it off now and his shirt is always wet. It drives me nuts. This one day I had the brilliant idea to tie one of the dogs bandannas (they get a new one every time they get groomed, why I don't know, they hate them) around his neck. He can't pull it off and he looks super cute too. Bonus!
On the down side, I had to untie it at the end of the day when it was super tight because he had been pulling on it all day long. I guess it wasn't so brilliant after all.

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