Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter and 11 Months

For Easter I invited my parents to come down to see us, but they couldn't come because there were too many things happening and concerts to go to. Oh well. I ended up inviting my friend Cathy and her two boys to come over on Saturday and then come back for Easter dinner on Sunday. We had such a great time! We all colored about 4 dozen eggs and even Josh helped. Then, the boys played video games while Cathy and I decorated cupcakes to be super cute bunnies. I love cute cupcakes! Although, I have to say, I made these ones out of french vanilla cake and they were not very satisfying. Next time I am making chocolate because I like it. So there. Anyway, on Sunday we went to church and Rome was pretty good. He only screamed a little and Josh took him so I could listen to the Relief Society lesson. That is the best! Then, we went home and got everything ready for dinner. We ate early and I made BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes, salad and deviled eggs(of course) and bunny cupcakes for dessert. It was pretty tasty. I know ribs are kind of strange for Easter, but I didn't want to go buy a ham and Josh doesn't like ham and ribs are super easy in the crock pot, so that is what we ate. It was good and so nice to have Cathy and her boys come over. Maybe next year we can take Rome to all of the fun egg hunts and Easter activities. I love these holidays!

Notice the cross-eyed boy and Thor at the table. Stinkers.

11 Months
Only one month to go before my baby is One! Crazy! He has gotten so big and is so close to walking. He could if he felt like it. We have convinced him to walk while holding only one hand and he does fine. You just have to convince him to do it. He does so many funny things. He claps, waves, does the indian wawa, opens his mouth like a fish, bangs things together, fake laughs, chases the dogs around, puts things in cups and takes them out again, lays down on pillows and blankets, plays peekaboo, reads books to himself, screams just because, walks with his walker toy, plays with dog toys, crawls UNDER the coffee table(it is pretty short, I don't know how he does it), goes in and out of the baby gate, breaks the dog gate(I didn't know he was that strong), and he drools everywhere! He loves playing with Josh and will pull out all his tricks when he sees Daddy. Usually he is such a happy kid, especially if he gets 2 naps during the day. Otherwise he is kinda fussy, but my friend tells me it is only me that can tell. So, I guess I should not feel bad to leave him with a sitter when he is tired because they can't tell. Hmm, good thing.

Pictures were not happening

He would rather play with this or his walker

Going in the baby gate and back out again

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