Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Morning Madness

Week 2- You may also start to have your first waves of nausea, popularly called "morning sickness," only it can happen anytime -- like when you order the "today's special" at your favorite cafe and think you're hungry until the waitress puts it down in front of you, and you suddenly find yourself queasy and unable to eat it.
Sandy and Marcie Jones, authors of Great Expectations:Your All-in-One Resource for Pregnancy & Childbirth.

Oh this made me laugh! I needed to hear other stories of being sick for weird reasons. Josh is being pretty nice about the whole thing, even thought he acts like it is all my fault. Yes, he is such a manly man. He did help and put the baby to bed when I felt sick and couldn't do it and had to go dry heave for half an hour. That was nice. It is getting better. I don't think the medicine is working any better. Maybe, I just needed to get used to it. I am definitely eating strange things. Last night I craved caramel popcorn and ate almost a whole bag of it. (eek! there goes my waistline) Sprite tastes amazing and the soup that made me gag so much that I made Josh stop eating it for months last time, now smells and tastes delicious! Go figure. It probably didn't help that he ate it for breakfast and it was the first thing I smelled when I got up in the morning (Gross!) and lately he has been sleeping in and eating it when I am ready for a snack. He claims I am just being crazy. No, just pregnant.
Any weird, strange or funny pregnancy food stories you have send them my way. I would love to hear them. I know it is not just me, but sometimes in my little house, it really feels like it.


Lacey said...

when I was pregnant I couldn't eat gross...all I wanted was steak...and I used to hate steak! After I had Malcolm I was able to eat chicken again but I still love steak...weird

Alicia said...

With Brooke, I craved oranges. A LOT of oranges. I would eat at least 6 a day. With Carson I drank almost a gallon of milk a day the last few weeks. I craved it all the time. Probably because his bones were growing and he was so flipin huge. 9 lb 12 oz at two weeks early. OUCH

Richards Family said...

Hang in there Jocie. And don't worry about your waist line - it is going anyways - at least for the next few months!

Megan said...

This is my favorite pregnancy book (Great Expectations). I loved it!