Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swim Lessons- Day Two

I really wanted to get Rome into swim lessons. He loves water and splashing around, so I thought it would be great. Well, I finally just showed up the day they started a new session and signed up. It didn't go as well as I would have hoped.
First, the teacher tried to touch him and he screamed. I mean SCREAMED. If you have heard him you know, this boy can scream. After that he held on to me for dear life and screamed any time the teacher came next to us. Today was not much better. I kind of forgot and so I let him play after lunch instead of getting ready and then we were late. It is a good 25 minute drive to the pool. I was rushing to get in the car and then into the pool. He didn't want to play or let go of me for anything. He barely wanted to look at the other kids. And he screamed. The worst part is that I can't get him to calm down because I am already holding him. I finally got him to sit on the edge of the pool and then he didn't want to get back in. After 20 minutes in class I got him to kick a little and then lay back on me and RELAX! It was great, for the last 5 minutes. The other kids (older and younger) are all splashing around and doing the activities. Rome is screaming. The entire pool can hear him scream and turn to look at me trying to get him to stop. Fun. By the time he is ready to play, it is time to go. Ugh, I am a little frustrated. Oh, and TIRED! I didn't realize that it would be half an hour of weight lifting an unhappy baby and squatting in shallow water. I didn't need a new workout. We get home and HE is ready to go while I am beat. I make him take a nap because I am tired and need to lay down. I also think I am beginning to burn my lips and my part and I feel bad because I am the only mom with sunglasses on, but the sun hurts my eyes. For the next week and a half I am going to get a great sunglasses tan and perma-pony tail bump. It might be a long week and a half. I hope it gets better.

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Lacey said...

So my first thought when I see the title is...oh man I totally should do that for Malcolm...then I read and I think oh wait...that would totally be my child. Then I think when that is my child I am going try and go early to lessons so he has time to relax in the water. That way he might actually participate in the lessons I am paying for...lol.