Monday, August 17, 2009


Okay it is only 3 months late, but who's counting?
Rome had such a fun Birthday Party! I can't say that I planned very well or even at all, but it turned out all right and we survived the laid back, relaxed and intimate party. Alexa was gracious enough to let us have the party at her gorgeous house. The problem was that I didn't invite enough people for her huge house and I bought tons of food. It became a very small party, but oh well. I am not very good at big parties anyway. Oh and the time mix up. I wrote on the invites that it started at 12 and I thought it started at 1. So, I was surprised when people showed up so early, I mean "on time." I told Alexa 1 also, so she wasn't even home or ready. Oops! Sorry! Nothing was really ready and I didn't know where to put anything. I just kind of answered the door and ushered people downstairs. It was great when we got in the pool. Their pool is so much fun! It has a wading area that was perfect to just hang out and sit or put your feet in. So nice! We had cake and ice cream and Rome loved it! He dug right in and ate the whole thing. Good job Buddy! We got a great video of it and Cousin E sticking her finger in the cake 3 times. Stinker. Then, we opened presents and Rome could not have cared less. What can you expect from a one year old. He wanted to play with the rocks. Clothes are no fun, but bubble makers are.
Here are some pics of the whole event:

My Cute Outfit

Most of the Partiers

Swimming fun

My Cool Lion Cupcake Cake

Um, what do I do with this?

Mmmm, good!

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Thomas said...

Very cute pictures :) and late congratulations on being pregnant! So it looks like we've been pregnant at the same time the last two times. Rome is adorable, I'm glad I finally found out that you had a blog so I could check out your pictures!!