Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feelin' Better....Finally!

Ahhhh! That is all I want to say.
But I will say more. I was so SO worried that I would feel like THAT for the whole time. SCARY! I was so miserable! I couldn't eat or rest or do anything without feeling yucky and if it was after 4 pm I couldn't do anything. Dinner was torture. After dinner snack was worse. A half a cup of milk before bed was pushing it, but helped get me through the night to the wonderful morning. I tried to do things a couple of times after dinner and it made me feel even worse. I didn't know that was possible. I even started counting days: 50 down only 198 to go.... Ugh. That did not help. Anyway, last week I kinda started feeling better. Not 100% but I had one or two nights when I didn't feel like dying. Weird, but I wasn't going to hold my breath. Then, we left for Yellowstone and PC. I didn't feel very good but I am sure it was the different food and off schedule and tons of driving. I can't say that I am on friendly terms with food, but we aren't in an all out war anymore. I still have to watch what I eat AND eat on a very regular basis, but I almost feel like a normal person again. Ahhhh! I might just enjoy being pregnant yet.

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Jana said...

Yaaaaay!! I'm glad you're not completely miserable anymore...it feels like an awfully long time to be sick, huh? Interesting that you totally had evening sickness instead of morning sickness...