Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mind Junk

Thoughts roaming my brain lately...

I don't even want to do this post, but I have about 20 that I have wanted to do but skipped because the pics are still on my camera and I don't want to work to get them off.

I really want to just sit and scrapbook for hours and hours. I have the pictures, I have the paper, I can still reach the table, I can even find a couple of hours at night to just sit there. If only my back would cooperate and not kill me after doing so.

It also doesn't like it when I wash dishes or stand in the kitchen for too long cooking, or going on walks or picking up the house or playing with Rome or sometimes sleeping. I am currently not friends with my lower back.

I have a physical therapy appointment for it next week sometime. I am really hoping it helps a little. Or maybe I can find a Yoga class and that might help.

I think it is waaay too early for this kind of PAIN. I am not even half way yet. It is the messing with my sleep that gets me. I should be able to sleep right now. That part comes later. LATER!

I am trying not to complain about being pregnant. Pregnancy is not nice to me. I am happy and excited for my big ultrasound and for the baby to come in February. I am just having a hard time finding it right now. I am trying not to be grumpy when I feel tired and grumpy. Isn't it weird how you can BE happy and not FEEL happy at the same time.

I am currently trying to change Romes naps. He sleeps way to long in the morning and none in the afternoon. So, he has been going to bed later at night which sometimes works to have him sleep in, take a short nap in the morning and a long one in the afternoon. Or else he still gets up early, takes an hour nap in the morning, none in the afternoon and is cranky all day! We will keep working on it, but every day I think: Should I lay him down? Should I keep him up? Should I wake him early? Will he sleep later? Can I handle him this tired? Do I have an activity to distract him? If I give him fruit snacks will he stay awake? Crazy stuff, I know.

Rome has become a picky eater. I know it is the age, but I just don't know what to feed the kid. Some days he will eat cheese and cheerios and bread and others he won't eat anything. Milk, the kid loves milk. I try not to worry about it because at least he drank some milk. Mealtimes have become frustrating again.

He wants to sit at the big table. I don't like this idea yet. He mostly plays when he eats and I like him to play with his food in his high chair. I don't need food all over the table. Better to have it on the floor where the dogs can clean it up.

Speaking of floors, mine are disgusting. I want to sweep and vacuum, but mopping is way beyond me. Therefore, the floors are disgusting. I feel better knowing Rome is not crawling on them anymore.

We took our house off the market. Josh's company is going really slow. We hope it picks back up next April and maybe we can try again. At least I don't have to keep everything super clean anymore. Lucky, because it wasn't staying that way.

Hmmm, I should go call people or wake up Rome or clean something. Yea, maybe later.

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Alicia said...

I have a booster chair that I bought at Babies R Us. I think I only paid $20 for it. It straps onto the chair in the kitchen. It comes with a tray. It can lean back for little babies or sit up when they get big. Tyler is able to sit at the table with us and I still use the tray to put his food on. Just a thought if you needed ideas. If you figure out a solution to not get Rome to throw his food, let me know. Tyler does the same thing and it drives me nuts.