Thursday, September 17, 2009

August...Where did you go?

Stuff we did...Yes its late. I have been scrapbooking like crazy lately and ignoring my blog. Sorry!

Had Josh's Birthday. Happy 29!
I made him an ice cream cake (which he doesn't like). Oops.

Drove a boat. So Fun!

Ate some sweet corn. Yummy!

Drove a walker. Vroom! Vroom! This kid really needs a car!

Went to our 10 year Reunion. This is the only picture I took. I was lazy.

Learned how to eat crayons, I mean color.

Lost my shoes. I left one at Grandma's and misplaced the other. I wore this special pair for a week until we found it hidden in my room.

Look at that little belly. I think that I was too lazy and have no stomach muscles anymore and so that is why it is poking out so early. It probably helps my back to hurt too. Dang, you can't ever just be lazy!

Helped a Thor eat dog food. He just loves that dog!

Found a new the mega blocks. Comfy?

Look at those baby curls...

Got my first haircut. Awww!

He looks so grown up now! My baby!


Annie Get Your Camera said...

Oh I heart Bergie! I ran into him a couple weeks ago and he asked me why I didn't go to the reunion and I said "Because I didn't want to pay $50 for me to go all by myself." I'm a spoil sport, I know. BUT he did say, specifically, that it was fun to see you two! Glad you guys went!

Annie Get Your Camera said...

PS: You look so gorgeous in that photo!

Autumn said...

You cut his curls!!! I can't believe! He's such a "big boy" now!