Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Day Baby

Yesterday was a BIG day at our house.
Josh was really excited.
I was a little apprehensive because I had planned a lot of activities.
Rome was tired because he missed his nap.
(If you want to skip to the news and pics at the bottom, I won't feel bad.)

Let's start with Dinner
I made a delicious chicken, broccoli and bacon quiche. Well, it was Bisquick. I didn't think Josh would like it because it was QUICHE (how ferret-y) and it had vegetables in it. Yes, they were covered in bacon and cheese. Well, Rome hated it, but Josh loved it. He even ate it again for breakfast. I think that was the best dinner I have made it a while. I thought it was quite tasty too.

Before Dinner
I was supposed to take the dogs to the vet to get their shots. I missed my appointment on Monday because I made it for nap time. Why would I do that? Anyway, I was still working on dinner. So, Josh offered to take them for me. Ahhh! Thank you Honey! He said they were great and didn't even complain when they had to get shots. Good dogs.
Except, Zeus has been puking since yesterday. Talk about Yuck. Thor will go outside or on the tile. Zeus just stays put and pukes everywhere. Poor sick doggy! But really gross.

Nap Time
Josh stayed home with Rome who did not want to sleep. I put him down at 2 and he cried until Josh got him up again. He finally got him to sleep at 3 or 3:30. So, at least he got a little nap. I went to my second Physical Therapy appointment. It was with a different office this time. They said they will work with my insurance which is great because THEY are being difficult. I have called the insurance number so many times in the last few weeks that I almost know my account number by heart. This new office is the second PT office that I finally got out of them. They only gave me one choice (who I saw before) and she is too busy to fit me in. No good for physical therapy. Anywho, this new lady was so super great! She figured out what was wrong, gave me easy things to do and then adjusted me (which totally felt like a massage) so I feel completely better! Plus, she said if it helps and doesn't move again then I will only have to see her once or twice. Great, less to pay the insurance and I feel better. Well, I messed it up today, but I felt normal, with no pain, for a good 4 hours yesterday. I am so impressed and I currently love her!

Lunch Time
We got home really late. Rome was really hungry and cranky. I ate leftover homemade pizza. Rome picked at his meal. Go figure. He is starving, but not going to really eat.

We got up, ate breakfast. I got to shower.
Wait, wait! I missed something. Oh, yea, my doctor's appointment. It was supposed to be at 10:30 so we left at 10. We got there early and waited. The toys were not in the lobby. Rome was tired because 10 is usually nap time. And we waited some more. I got out my emergency fruit snacks and then after 45 minutes we got to go wait in a room. At least the toys were there. We finally got our turn for the ultrasound room. Rome was in meltdown mode and wanted Mommy. Not even a sucker could make him happy. He cried almost the whole time. I got to see all kinds of blurry baby stuff. Little one was not cooperating. We did get some pics, but not very good. Poor Josh had to hold a crying Rome. He pretty much missed the whole blurry awesome-ness of ultrasound-ing. We are all so excited for the new Baby Perotti! Here are the cool pictures!
I'm the Big Brother!
I'm the Little Sister!
The lines are in there somewhere.


Autumn said...

Yay!! A princess!!


Alicia said...

YAY!! I can absolutely see she's a girl.

Misty said...

Sweet- baby girls are so fun!

Clarissa said...

OH I am just so excited! I kept asking your mom if you had found out yet... Rome will be such a great brother.