Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food Mishaps

I wanted to make peach salsa out of these delicious *free* peaches because we didn't find any at the peach festival.

Well, we did but it was just regular salsa. Boring. Anyway there is this guy down the street with 3 peach trees filled with fruit that he doesn't want. So, we asked and he said we could pick them. Cool, free peaches! They are good too! Anyway, I found a bunch of recipes on the internet for peach salsa, but I didn't know if they were good or not.

So, I got all ready and was going to try a few of them. First one...Gross! Tasted like eating green peppers. Second one...tasted too sweet with tomatoes and peaches. So, I gave up and made chunky peach jam. I gave it away and only kept a little for me. Oops! It was good too! So much for peach salsa.
Ever tried to make bread out of this
I have had it before and it was good and it is supposed to be really easy. Well, I tried it out and this is what I got.

Looks tasty right? Wrong! It was so nasty! I thought the whatever in the beer was supposed to make the bread all nice and moist and yummy. Umm, no. It was very dry and crumbly and bitter. Yuck. I would definitely not do this again. Next time I will just throw the stuff away.

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