Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mama's New Toy

We have done lots of fun things, but this week we went up to Utah so Josh could see the Utes play football. I got to hang out with Lacey at the Mall. A REAL one with two stories and tons of stores. It was fun! Also, I got this new toy. I traded in my old stroller that was wobbly (um, thanks Grandpa) and got this cool new one. It is supposed to be for Christmas, but I don't have the other one, so I HAD to open it. Right? Anyway, it is so neat. It has two seats and when Rome doesn't want to ride anymore, I can take off the back seat and it turns into a sit and stand stroller. So Cool! Josh doesn't agree, but what does he know about carrying around two kids?

Rome really likes playing with the wheels when it is folded. Fun for everyone!

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Brean said...

Jocie you are pregnant??? I am so excited for you!!! Do you know what it is yet! I hope you are feeling better!