Thursday, December 18, 2008

7 Months

My little Rome is growing so fast. I don't think he looks much different than last month, but he is definitely bigger. I had the doctor weigh him today when he went in for a flu shot. He is now 19 lbs 15 oz. Huge! I also missed his newest talents last month. His new thing (besides shrieking to get attention) is to breathe in to make a funny noise. He also thinks he can walk. He watches his friend Addy and she can do it, so he thinks he can. He is much better at standing on the coffee table by himself. He is getting better at pretend walking. He doesn't step on his own feet as much. He is not crawling yet and still gets angry when he is on his tummy. He can push up to his knees but only goes backwards. In church the other day he did get up on his feet and hands, and then he nose dived into the carpet and started screaming. The whole Relief Society turned to look. He is very motivated to get what he wants. I think that is why he screams so much. He is doing much better with finger foods. He doesn't have the pincer grasp yet, but he can put the cheerio on top of his fist and then in his mouth. Pretty smart kid! He dislikes carrots and avocados, and loves baby cheetos. (Thanks Alicia!) My grocery store just got them. Yay! I think he will be wanting to feed himself soon. I can no longer eat without him. He wants my food and if I am eating then he should be too. He is still such a happy baby and such a good eater. I wish he would take better naps, but I think that is asking for too much. He is a Mammas Boy all the way and sometimes I like it. Sometimes... I am so excited to see what he will learn next!


Lacey said...

hee...his hair reminds me so much of Malcolm's hair. What we need to do is combine Malcolm's awesome nap taking skills with Rome's eating skills and we would have the perfect baby!!

Lyndsey said...

Cute!!! It's like a play-by-play action shot. See you guys soon :-)

Wade and Alicia said...

I'm so sorry I missed you at church. I was going to come out after Sacrament but you had already gone! Your mom said you had to leave for a stand-by flight. Rome is getting so big (and so cute)! Merry Christmas!