Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chew Toy?

Rome has been tired lately which means a lot of entertaining for me. Hours and hours of it. Usually he is pretty happy to play by himself for a while. No, I have to be holding him and playing with him. He has also started screaming, no, shrieking to get attention. Or just because he feels like it. It really hurts your ears and he does it aaaall daaaay loooong. Well, the other day I was losing my patience with the little boy. I was on the computer and put him on the floor next to me. (he had already tried to eat the mouse and pound the keyboard and thrown the mouse pad on the floor) Anyway, he was happy for 5 whole minutes. I was so glad. Until I noticed what he was doing. I called Josh in to see because it was so funny. He had found on of the dogs ropes that they chew on and was eating it himself. In Josh's words,"Gross!"

Baby Time:
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The Funky Bunch said...

That is so funny and so gross at the same time! Brooklyn is the same right now. She just yells. I think she does it because she's used to hearing her older brother and sister do it...so she's just imitating them. And she can't just sit while I'm at the computer...she has to pound on the keyboard and get into everything. It really drives me nuts!

Lacey said...

lol...wyatt is going to die when I tell him...he gets so grossed out by germs!