Monday, December 15, 2008

Catch Up

I have been so super busy lately. I have been making cookies like mad and going to Christmas parties and staying up really late. It has been three weeks since Thanksgiving and I have not done any pictures since then. Oh my goodness! Not that I stopped taking them. That will never happen. So, here are some pics I know you missed.

At GG Thomas's; Swinging with Uncle Ty

Yum, pumpkin; Playing with cousin E and Uncle Andre
Dinner Adventures:

I made steak soup at Josh's request, wierd; The hashbrown breakfast-for-dinner disaster

The bracelets I won, Cool!

With Angelu; Brushing my "teefs"

Breakfast was yummy(click on it); I got stuck under the table, so sad!

Being Cute

I have this Play Gym thing figured out

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