Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 Years...Oh My!

Yup, that's right. Rome is Two! He is such a fun little kid. He is still such a Mommas boy. I like it, but it makes things difficult sometimes. He as quickly learning new words and even sentences. His first one was at bedtime one night and he said, "I go out dare say ni-night daddy." Pretty good! I started this list a couple months ago and he says waaaay more already. My favorite is "I trazy tid." Yea buddy, you are. He really keeps us busy and on our toes. Ahhh, I just love that boy!
Some of these are easy and some are funny, but really this list is just for me.
banana- nana
cookie-doot doo
cute- koot
play- play ah
its dark- its barn
piano- trano
pancake- cancake
pizza- pedis
this kind- skine
grapes- brates
strawberries- strawbees
blueberries- boo berries
raspberries- red boo berries
spongebob- spom bum
salt- sauce
stuck- skuck
slide- sah wide
tv- tee
computer- puter
helicopter- he cocker
frog- fawg
clap- crap (this one will get you if you are not listening!)
monkey- worky
off- ott
dinosaur- dars
shake- hake
cream/ clean up- creema
noodles- yooys
food- foo t
thank you- ke koo
josh- jaw sh
jocie- doe tee
capri- cappy
sister- sitter
later- yater (with so-so hand sign)
I like it- I yike it
flip flops- fah fops
I throw it- a foe t
train says "ah-choo!"
hide and seek, we don't hide, just run around saying "I hidin!"
please- pah-weeze! with cheesy smile (no more little kid 'pees' for me!)
Ah at the end of words- hiya, play ah, fun ah
He puts 'nin' at the end of words too- run nin, sleep nin, play nin nin nin
He will say he is doing something 'ah kay' and if you say OK, he will do it. You really have to listen to what he says he is doing. "I go outside wit Zeus, ah kay."
He likes the letter I and things are scared and in trouble a lot. (I promise he didn't get that from me! It was in a book!)
He says "ah-no" or "oh-yea" to answer questions and "oh" for I don't know
"you say dat" to copy him and say whatever he is talking about, makes for funny conversations

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Lynds said...

hahaha- these are great! I have to tell you that Rome's phrases have a great effect on people (aka Jay)... his favorite sayings now are, "car, car" (for anything moving, or just anything), and "I run, I walk, I jump, etc. etc." haha. Even grown men like toddler talk apparently! I'm totally amused ;-).