Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Buried Treasure

This last two weeks we have been un-packing our garage. We decided we won't be moving any time soon, so we should put all our stuff back in the house. Then, we decided to have a garage sale. So, I have been unpacking and going through all of our extra stuff. Scrapbooks, sheets and blankets, trinkets and picture frames. I found all kinds of stuff I don't remember packing up over a year ago. Wow! That is really scary!
Anyway, I found these poems that I wrote sometime in High School. I think they are so funny. I wanted to share. Enjoy.

The cheesiest love poem ever
I caught a flutterbug
kind of like a cold.
I give part of him to everyone
and he never gets too old.
A certain person made him come to me.
I hope that person has one too.
Because when we are together,
then both of them are free.
This little flutterbug
He squeezed into my heart.
And I hope that him and me
will never have to part.
Because he brings with him a something,
it's harder to describe,
than anything I ever have,
He makes me feel alive.
He makes me think I'm special.
It's hard to understand.
He makes me think that I might have
the world inside my hand.
I could wish for anything.
He wouldn't mind a bit.
Just go and work his butt off
and try to get me it.
What strange bug is this?
Though I love him so.
I wish that he would stay forever
because I will hate to see him go.
What a lovely feel, my friend!
I do hope that you know.
For if you don't, you miss a lot
from his warm caressing glow.
I think that I am with you,
for I don't really have him yet.
Yes, I did tell you a lie.
For that I do regret.
But, I know that he is coming
at some far and foggy date.
I know that he will be here,
and for that I cannot wait.
Because the lonely stars are falling
into my darkened sky.
And some dewy tears are being found
upon my closed shut eye.
And I keep falling farther
than I could ever think.
And a thought comes to me
that I might never fly.
but, it is not that way
I'm not quite so sad,
because my dear friends
keep me from feeling bad.
Also, I can see some of them
with flutterbys; not flutterbugs you see.
Because flutterbys must stop and rest
and flutterbugs Always Fly.
Flutterbys are earthly
and die when we do.
But flutterbugs are forever
and will always stay with me and you.

My world is a spinnin
and I aint a winnin
All I think about is you
All I can think about is you
If I get you out of my mind
The rest of my world is fine
When I first met you
I did my homework
and went to bed.

When I'm a stranger in my own room
and I want to assume
that I am falling away.
When I start to wonderin
why I'm alive,
I grab my keys and drive.
I find myself in your place
and I just wish that I could,
could see your face.

(These were for Josh, so a little older)
Wish You Were Here
The weather's nice
Its paradise,
summertime all year.
Some folks we know
they say hello.
I miss you so.
Wish you were here.
The worst part is having
you here, in my place.
Then, when you're gone,
it feels so strange.
Like you're missing.
I just want to cry
I have no energy
Maybe you know how it feels
In a world full of tears

You are my life
You are my soul
You are my faith
When I get cold
You are my strength
You are my pride
and in your glance
No need to hide
You are my freedom
You are my friend
You're the beginning
and you're the end
You are my love
You are my voice
I would not leave you
If I had the choice
You are the ivy
On my brick wall
You're a Picasso
You are my all
You may not know it
But truth is told
That I will love you
Till time gets old.

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Jana said...

Aw, so cute! I think I knew you wrote poetry but I've never really read any of it. It's so sweet!!