Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Fun

Tummy time is fun when you can talk to yourself

Being a good Big Brother and helping Capri play with her toys, well she is a bit small still

We drove down to Tucson and stayed at the Grand Canyon on the way down. I have never been and so it was my Mother's Day present. It was kinda cold and windy, but I saw it. Yay!

Lucky he couldn't see over the wall. He decided he was afraid of heights a couple days before we left. Fun.

It was really windy, poor Capri!

Our Little Family

Looking at the birds at the Desert Museum

Climbing on the turtle

Learning how to eat ice cream

4 Generations at Lyndsey's graduation. (this is the only pic I got, sad!)

Feeding the giraffes at the zoo, How Cool!

Checking out the elephants

Swimming with Papa in the pool. After he got over being scared, he asked to "get in water" about 20 times a day. I think he might like swim lessons this summer!

Cari and Grandma

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Lynds said...

Nice vacation pics!