Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Pics

I know you all want to see them. They are super cute.

Buckled up on the Plane, Christmas Eve

With my kind of cousin Andre, I don't like Pictures with G-Grandma

Stocking, What is this? Oh, this is okay.

Presents, Paper

Rasta Hat, Hurry up Dad

Family Pic, Its a little early for that Rome.

Breakfast, Yum! Ready to go swimming, Lucky the pool is heated! (it snowed on us)

Christmas Dinner, More presents

Uncle Rene, Uncle Ray

The dogs in their new coats


Lacey said...

super always!

btw...some of the songs on your player are messed up...mostly your Fray songs

The Funky Bunch said...

Way cute pics. He is getting so big. Hope you guys had an awesome Christmas!

Jocie said...

Thanks Lace, I think I fixed them. I was being lazy and just skipping them when they messed up. I added new cool ones too.

Autumn said...

Love the cute baby AND the cute dogs!!