Sunday, January 18, 2009

To Pump Or Not To Pump....

That is the question.
Here is the situation. Rome is teething. He has been for months. However, since his first tooth came through, he has not been breastfeeding very well. If at all. Sometimes I can get him to nurse in the middle of the day. Sometimes in the middle of the night. Sometimes none at all. He will start to nurse, then arch his back and scream and try to jump off my lap. I was putting his binky in and then switching and it worked for a while.
He does eat solid meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He just started eating cheese and some meat if it is blended up. I also started feeding him yogurt at lunch. So, he is getting some dairy and protein during the day. He will also take a bottle and wants it whenever he sees it. I think because it is cold breastmilk and it feels good on his teeth. But who really knows. (Side note: he will only take a bottle from me, not Josh. Funny.)
Anyway, it has been about a week since he really ate well. I am, needless to say, in PAIN. My girlies hurt all day long and especially at night. I have started to pump just to not hurt anymore. I have not pumped in 4 months, it takes forever and I only get about 2 ounces on both sides. I know it will get better if I keep at it.
So, here is the question. Is this normal? Will he start to nurse again? How long should it last? If it does last, should I pump and just give it to him in a bottle?
I was beginning to worry about weaning him by his first birthday and Now, I am worried that He won't start nursing again. I REEAALLY don't want to give him formula.


Alicia said...

That really sucks. Do you have an electric pump? Highly worth it, but really expensive, like $300. It is amazing. Definately keep pumping if he's not eating and always offer nursing. You're going to start loosing your milk suppy if you don't do something. Not to scare you. Good job for being so dedicated.

Chad, Mindy and girls said...

Jocie! Hey I just found your blog from Val's. I hope it's okay if I post...This is TOTALLY normal! Definately pump so you don't loose your supply and know that it's easier for babies to take a bottle. It's fast and they don't have to wait AND it doesn't usually run out! Good luck!! ps-our blog: daresaffairs.blogspot

Chad, Mindy and girls said...

another ps- Rome is SO cute!!

Lacey said...

Nursing strike...yeah! I thought Malcolm wasn't going to make it to a year either. He was on verge of quitting for a bit. I say offer the breast as much as possible and if he refuses then pump and save it. You could try a baby orajel just before you feed him..that may help with his pain. You could also try letting him chew on some frozen berries in one of those mesh bag things for a while before he feeds...that might numb him up a bit. I kinda feel that you should avoid the bottle as much as possible. He will get the idea that if he doesn't eat from you then he won't get it. Keep up on the solids and just keep at it. He will get over it eventually.

Lacey said...

Oh and if worse comes to worse you don't have to give him formula, you can pump and give that to him in a bottle. You can borrow my pump if you don't have a good one...or just rent one from the hospital...they are faster and they tend to work better. Also the more you pump the better it gets. It would suck to have to do it but at least it would only be for a few months.