Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am turning into my Dad

Yikes! I love my Dad, but he is a little weird and out of touch with reality sometimes. He does odd things like lay in bed for hours, not asleep, just thinking. I, on the other hand, reeeally like my sleep. 9 hours, if I can get it, and I am a happy person.
Well, it has not happened lately.
I did not mind not sleeping when I was pregnant. If I took a nap too late in the afternoon, then I just wouldn't sleep at night. And then I was so uncomfortable that I didn't sleep. It didn't bother me. I just got up and read a book or played on the computer.
Now, it is not so cool. The last couple of nights I have been awake for hours. I want to sleep. I am tired, but no. I just lie in bed, awake, thinking.
Dang it!
It could be that I have been sick and taking naps all afternoon. Pooh, I like those naps. I thought I needed them because I was sick. Don't you NEED extra sleep when you are sick? I even feel better now. I took some medicine and can breathe for a little while. I SHOULD be able to sleep. No, sorry.
It's the thinking that gets me. I always end up yelling at people in my head. Then I want to really do it. Maybe not sleeping makes me agitated and I want to share with other people.
Sometimes I can get back to sleep by 6 or 7. Well, I have been up since 2:30 when I fed the baby and it is not looking good.
Maybe I will get a nap tomorrow. And maybe I will catch up on some reading tomorrow night....

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The Funky Bunch said...

I heard reading before bed makes you sleepy...or a glass of warm milk (yuck). Try some NyQuil...my husband swears by it...but oh yeah, you're breast feeding. I hate when this happens too. I'm usually a late nighter, but I hate getting into bed and being tired but just laying there and I can't get my head to stop! It's very annoying. And I rarely take naps, but when I do I can't get to sleep that night! But they're SO nice! Good luck...hope you can get more sleep soon!