Saturday, January 24, 2009

My New Favorite Thing To Hate

Yes, it is my new retainer.
The story is that Thor got a hold of my really old retainer and chewed a piece off. Pretty gross. So, I went to my local orthodontist to get a new one. Not bad after 10 years. Well, I got my super cool purple with silver stars retainer and it was too loose. So, my bottom teeth slid out of place and are no longer straight. This really bugs me because I spent a lot of years getting them straight. I kinda like them to stay that way. Well, to get them back to straight I have to have 2 or 3 of these awful things. In high school braces and the like were okay because you had to do lots of other awful things too. Today, it is not so cool. In fact the day I got it I wanted to pull it out, throw it on the floor, and stomp on it. Yea, I really don't like it.


Mallory said...

Ok, I know this is going to be a weird comment...but you commented on my blog, and so I was looking at your profile, and I noticed that you are from Fruita, CO. My cousin is serving a mission in CO, and he served in Fruita! I was thinking of how weird it would be if you knew him, and how small the world is (assuming you are LDS and found my blog through Mormon Mommy Blogs--if not, I'm just a crazy blogger lady, and you can ignore all this!) Anyway, his name is Elder Weddle. Well, thanks for commenting on my blog! You're welcome to comment anytime! :D

Jocie said...

I totally knew him! He was great! That is too crazy!

Lacey said... my retainer stopped fitting before I got married...have a done a thing about it...heck no! It kinda bugs me that they have moved but not enough to actually care. I thought about going and getting a new one but I knew it would suck so I am just gonna have mostly straight teeth I guess.