Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crazy Week

Last week was a CrAzY week! It was so crazy that I am still recovering, and I got sick.
Here is what happened for Rome.
Sunday- I got my first tooth!
Monday- I was cranky all day
Tuesday- I turned 8 months old, started eating lunch, ate yogurt
Wednesday- I started crawling, ate cheese, ate chicken, stopped nursing
Thursday- I started taking a bottle
Friday- decided I can cruise along flat surfaces, like the back of the couch
Saturday- Grandma and Papa Perotti came to visit and I stayed up soo late!

Here is the video of me crawling.

I am so much better already and don't cry the whole time.


Misty said...

Jo- he is getting so big! How are you doing with the no more nursing, I know it's been a struggle- but still. I bet it's a relief. And look at all that food he loves!

Jocie said...

Actually He is doing much better. i even nursed him tonight with no bottle after AND he went to sleep! Yay! Almost back to normal.

Lacey said...

do you smell like maple syrup yet??

Jocie said...

A little, but I don't notice it very much. Maybe I am not taking enough. Haha!

Lyndsey said...

Yay for crawling- I love the head shake 'no'!