Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cupcake Crumble

My friend's boys came over and watched Rome while we went to see Terminator Salvation. (I really liked it!) I told them to pick out a recipe from my new cookbook and I would make it for them. They picked Marble Cupcakes. Great, I wanted to make those. They started out okay, but I knew something was wrong when the batter was really thick. It worked for swirling the cakes, but they never rose and they turned into muffin or cookie texture. Not cake, but still tasty. Then, the frosting. I used frozen cream cheese and it would not set up. I added more sugar, but it was still a very runny glaze. Nothing like the picture. Ugh. I tried to drizzle and marble the frosting anyway. I used chocolate sauce because I don't have caramel. (you know that dumb food color thing) They turned out okay, but I think they look more like spider cakes than marble. The boys liked them and they were still tasty so I guess it doesn't matter. 
I am starting to think there is something missing in these recipes. High altitude maybe? I don't know.

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