Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wonderful Woobie

Rome finally picked a woobie or a lovie! I am so happy! Maybe now he will be a little less attached to ME all the time. Some people don't want thier kids to get attached to a lovie, but he is WAY too attached to me. I think he really needed a security object to help him be on his own. It was really kind of a fluke how it happened. I kept trying to get him to like this taggie blanket I got him and he did not care. Then, one night he pulled this blue blanket out of his toy shelves and I stuck it in his crib with his other blankets. In the morning he kept it. He cuddled with it and dragged it around his room. That was it! Now, he cuddles with his blankie when he goes to bed or down for a nap and he knows it is his blankie. I have started reading him a nighty-night book to put him to bed. It has a blankie in it and he holds up his blankie when we read that page. It is so cute!

Aww, I am so glad you found a blankie little buddy!


Alicia said...

He is looking so grown up!!
My daughter still has a special blanket and she's 5. Don't mind it one bit.

Lacey said...

it must be the awesome construction of the blanket that made him choose it ;)