Sunday, June 7, 2009


Today, Josh was so nice and gave me a break watching Rome. He took him while I went to church. Yes, this sounds a little bad, but I really enjoyed it. It was strange to leave the house with out... everything. It was wierd to actually hear the testimonies being spoken. It was odd to fold my arms AND close my eyes during the prayer. Rome is such a busy kid and is always moving and doing something. It makes for a very stressful church experience. My friend Penny and her daughter took him for me once during sunday school and it was so nice! I really like bringing him with me, but sometimes I need a break to remember why I go to all the trouble.  Only 5 more months and he is in nursery! Hmmm, to listen to a lesson.
Oh and I got a hair cut.
Goodbye long, glorious curls!
Hello short and sassy! No more frustrated Rome hair pulling. It was just too easily accessible.

Don't worry, The curls are still around. (yes, this is my artistic look)


Richards Family said...

I didn't get to really even say hi to you at church today so I didn't notice the hair, but I love it shorter!

Jana said...

So cute, Jo! I love the sleek shortened look--very sophisticated! :)