Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today's Favorite

Or Cupcakes to the rescue! I have been having a hard couple of days. I have to keep the house pretty 24/7 so people can come and see it. Which means that I feel like I can't do anything! I can't bake, it's messy. I can't let Rome play, it gets everywhere. I can't scrapbook, it is all packed away. It has made me very "irritable" as Josh puts it. All I do is watch TV and pick up everything right when Rome puts it down. Seriously, not very fun. Well, last night I decided to make cupcakes. I love cupcakes and while I was in SLC I got this great book. It was at Anthropologie. I spent way too much time in there (more than an hour) for the amount of things I could actually purchase (very little). I was with Alexa and she could and did purchase enough to cover me. Anyway, I found this book called Cupcake Heaven. I leafed through it and about 3/4 of the way I decided I Had to Have It! It is so great! It uses normal ingredients, tells you how to decorate, and the recipies only make 12 cupcakes. Perfect for a late night baking fix! I made the dark chocolate celebration cupcakes. They only took me under an hour to make and decorate. I am sure a normal person could do them in 30 minutes or so. They were so delicious! I feel so much better now.


Cameron said...

I want one!

Autumn said...

They look so YUMMY!!