Sunday, May 17, 2009


I had a totally crazy day today. It started out really early because Rome got up at 5:45 and he did not want to go back to sleep. It was okay because I got up and got ready for church. I was only a little late, but showed up at the church building at 9:00. Perfect, except nobody else was there. I stayed home last week because Rome was sick and missed the announcement of Stake Conference this week. Stinky. Well, Rome was asleep so I drove home and he woke up right when I pulled in the garage. Pooh. Again, he would not go back to sleep. Dang, no nap. The rest of the morning was spent playing with a tired baby and trying to convince him to go to sleep. He finally took a nap at 1 pm. Ahh, quiet time. He woke up when I wanted to start dinner at 3. I was supposed to make dinner for my friend Elise because her family had to move suddenly. I gave myself plenty of time to make cookies and Tater-Tot Casserole for her and then Tacos for Josh and me. I was supposed to bring the dinner over around 6, but I didn't know her address. I called about 10 people and they either weren't there or didn't know. I finally got one lady who told me the general area of her new house, but not the exact address. I said fine and got in the car because by now it was 5:45. I was getting a little anxious. I had to take an unhappy Rome because Josh was busy. On my way out the door, I looked in my cell phone and I had an entry for Elise Cell. Wonderful, I thought. I called it, no answer, left a message. No problem, I can totally find their new house. I drive around, and around. I call the one person I know. I call Josh to get more numbers. I call Elise Cell. Nothing. At 6:10 I get a hold of the lady who gave the vague directions to start with and she is going to make some calls and call me back. Great. I am freaking out by now. My friend is going to be pulling her hair out with 3 starving kids and all I want to do is find her house and give her dinner. I feel like crying. I start driving through the neighborhood looking for her car, like I can recognize it and find her house that way. I even thought about just yelling out of the car for her. It was a pretty small neighborhood, but I would have sounded pretty crazy. The lady finally calls me back and tells me that her house is right around the corner. Yes! I drive there, park, and get the dinner out of my car and my phone rings. It is Elise Cell. Cool. I answer and tell her I am right outside and have her dinner. She asks me why I am bringing her dinner and says she is at her apartment, but she was sleeping at her mom's house. What!? I am at your house, this lady just told me your address. I have been going nuts trying to find it. I am standing on the doorstep completely confused when it dawns on me... I am talking to my cousin. I have a cousin, named Elise. I quickly hung up and rang the doorbell to drop off the dinner to my FRIEND Elise. I had to explain because I was laughing so much. I then had to call my COUSIN Elise and apologize for calling her ump-tine times trying to bring her dinner. It was pretty funny. I have since changed to my phone entry to say Cousin Elise so it won't happen again. It definitely helped my mood. I think I have been stressing way too much lately.

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Autumn said...

That sounds stressful! But I couldn't help but laugh at you calling the wrong number. That sounds like something I would do :)