Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yard Work Is Not For Sissies

I did some today. Yard work that is. Josh has really bad allergies and I felt bad for him so we made a deal. He does dishes for a week and I mow the lawn. Pretty good deal huh? I fed Rome breakfast and then Josh played with him while I went out and mowed the lawn. Not too tough. Then, I used the weed whacker. I have never used one before and it is hard. I used it everywhere and ran it until it was out of gas. Now, I can barely use my hands and my arms are killing me. I have welts from the mean grass hitting my legs and one even cut my foot! Seriously, yard work is not for sissies. And I am kind of a sissy.

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Autumn said...

You have allergies too!! Just hire someone ;)