Friday, May 1, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Today's quote comes from Josh who said, "oh, the bathroom is green." Yes, it has been for the last three years we have been living here. This was after I was telling him that I have to take down the wallpaper and am not going to paint it green. What a boy.

Second, from Josh, "you just don't have any love in your heart." A little dramatic if you ask me. This was because I told him that his job is to mow the lawn and I do not feel bad even though he gets allergies and sneezes a lot. I take care of the house and everything in it, he can mow the lawn. We were at Home Depot looking at lawn mowers because ours is having trouble, but he fixed it. So, now he is out mowing the lawn. I am sure I will hear about it soon.

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ivyk said...

Hi Jocie - the cake is baked into the cones... google it... i think she just put the cake batter in cupcake pans and then turned the cones upside down and pushed in a bit:)