Sunday, May 10, 2009


Our Computer Is Broken.
Yea, it stinks. Josh said it was doing weird things the last couple of days. I didn't notice until it deleted my e-mail. My entire e-mail. It said I had no inbox. No Inbox! That got my attention. It came back, but it was sca-ry.
And after that it has just not worked right. We tried to scan for viruses. Bad idea. We got a new virus scan. Another bad idea. Finally, we decided to just get off the stuff we wanted to save and erase the whole thing. Yea, we have been trying to do that for 2 days. We just got it to start NOT in safe mode so I could save my pictures to CDs. Ugh. I think it is time for a new computer. I may be off the internet for a while.
Honestly, I am amazed it has stayed on this long. For the last 4 days it has turned off after like 5 minutes. Just, blink, Off. Hmm, I like computers, but sometimes I just want to kick them.


Brean said...

Hey Jocie How are you? Hope your good and that you had a great Mothers Day!!!

Jana said...

My computer is having issues too! It's like it gets too tired, or like it's running on battery power and the battery dies so it just turns off, and then can't muster the energy to turn back on. Stinking thing doesn't know it's plugged into an outlet.
But more importantly, JOCIE, how cute are YOU for sending me a baby present! Thank you so much it's all so cute! And Emma and I both really loved the completely adorable card too! I told Jeff you've always been so thoughtful like that, and then told him I wish I was like that because I am so NOT thoughtful! So THANK YOU so much!!!!