Friday, June 19, 2009

My New Diet

Sequel to Story of A Chocolate Bar. It is called the Eatmoore Diet. Have you heard of it? It goes something like this:

Get up...Eat
take a nap...Eatmoore
feel sick...Eatmoore
feel better...Eatmoore
feed Rome a snack...Eatmoore
go on a walk...Eatmoore
make dinner...Eatmoore
get ready for bed...Eatmoore
Still feel sick... go to sleep.

Sounds like fun right?
Here's the trick, I can't eat chocolate. It totally makes me sick! Ahhhhggg! Chocolate!!! Oh the cruel irony!


Autumn said...

Sounds like me :) And now I'm in bed turing it all to fat ;)

Chad, Mindy and girls said...

Sounds like my kind of diet!! (Except I can't resist a 3Musketeers bar) hehe

Jocie said...

Oh, I keep eating chocolate. I just pay for it immediately. It just looks and tastes so good!