Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 Months and Sick

Rome is 10 Months old and getting so big! I had a check up last week to see if his ear infection was gone and I asked if they could weigh him. He was 20 lbs 13 oz. Whoa! He gained 1 1/2 lbs in two weeks! I am so glad that he decided to eat again. He is getting into so many things and hardly ever sits still. He is starting to talk more and to understand what we are saying. He responds to "no" pretty well. We are working on clapping. Well, we clap his hands and he grins and laughs. He waves at everything though. He cruises like a champ and chases the dogs around the living room. He just loves them!
I wanted to get pics of how big he is, but Sunday night he woke up crying and when Josh checked on him he was covered in throw up. He must have caught a bug somewhere between SLC and home. He was up every couple hours dry heaving and let me tell you, puking babies are not fun. He kept trying to grab things and arching his back. I was just trying to keep it in the bowl and off of me. Then I had to clean it up while holding him because the whole thing was making Josh sick. Lucky me. I didn't feed him much the next day and he would eat much the day after. He is playing and looking better, but still very clingy. I hope he gets all better soon!

How we found him Sunday night, chunks and all, poor kid

Finally sleeping with the 3rd blanket and set of sheets (lucky, I only had 3)

In his big boy PJs, the sicky diet: 4 bites applesauce and 2 oz gatorade (no that wasn't one meal) He is still nursing though, so that is good.


Lacey said...

Malcolm threw up Saturday night...I think his dinner didn't sit well though since he was fine the next day...gotta love the mulitiple sheet changes

Jocie said...

Thats it Ikea made us sick! J/K, I love Ikea. And it was all the way on Monday.