Monday, March 30, 2009

The Difference Between Dogs and Babies

Babies figure out that the dog gate is not attached at the bottom (because you lost 2 of the hooks) and get into the kitchen. Dogs sit happily in the kitchen with the unattached gate.

Dogs scatter wet grass all over your clean* kitchen floor because you let them go outside. Babies laugh and try to eat the grass. Gross!

Dogs smell stinky and musty when they are wet. Babies smell sweet when they are wet, well, after a bath anyway.

Babies smell like wet dogs when they are attacked, I mean loved by the dogs that went outside. Dogs are confused when you yell at them for loving the baby. What? You mean you don't want me to lick his entire face? You sure? I could try it again in 30 seconds...

Dogs eat all of the baby's snack when they are let into the living room by the escaping baby. Babies don't care, they like to share snacks with the dogs anyway. It is funny. Wait, isn't that why the dogs went outside?

Dogs think when I say "snack" that it includes them. Babies think that if you are eating then they should be too. Hey, didn't I get you your own snack? Oh yea, the dogs ate it. I didn't need all of my snack anyway.

Babies think that the gate to their room is the best toy. They go in and out and in and out and in.... Dogs think it looks like fun... Stinking dogs. Tell Baby, the gate was to keep the dogs out.

Mom thinks isn't it nap time yet?

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Jana said...

LOL! That is such an educational post, as I have often wondered, what really is the difference between dogs and babies??? You are so wise...and so funny.