Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Girls Weekend

Ok, it was more of a kids weekend with one late night chat. Anyway, it was fun! I drove to St. George to visit with Autumn and her kids and stay at a beautiful condo. We were the only ones in the whole building, which was good because those kids are loud! I mean they have lots of fun! We got to go swimming in the indoor pool and hot tub, do a little shopping, stop by the Frosttop for ice cream and watch lots of Sponge Bob. What more could you ask for? Oh yea, a great friend to share it with! We also had some adventures getting lost in St. George, walking up the stairs in the dark (they didn't turn the lights on), visiting a stranger to cook our cinnamon rolls because our oven broke, and then trying to squeeze the oven back into its slot so we could wash the dishes. What fun! It was so nice to see Autumn and get to sit and talk into the wee hours and to see her kids! I just love them! It was a great getaway weekend!

The fort they built, Where Rome and I actually slept (not on the bed)


Rome loved Leah! Story time with Autumn

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Autumn said...

Yes Jocie you're right, my kids don't have the proper volume control needed to live in a condo. We'd probably get kicked out if we ever tried to live in one :) And I love how my kids made a fort! That's like their favorite playtime activity :) And I forgot to put on my blog how Rome kept trying to pinch Davis' face and Davis was all "it's okay, he can pinch me" ha ha. That's love right there :)