Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break

I don't go to school anymore, but I decided that I wanted to take a spring break. I was going to spend a week in SLC seeing friends and family and doing whatever I wanted. Josh didn't like the idea, but he had to stay home and work. Sorry Honey.

This is how the trip started. I thought Rome was playing all quiet, turns out the bathroom door was open and he found the toilet paper. Notice it trailing from the bathroom, and he tried to bring it into his room. What a kid.

We ate at Boca De Pepo (I think that is what it is called), it was a very interesting place to eat. Rome needed his own plate. He ate tons and tons of bread, he should have popped!

We saw Angela and Dayton and played with her cool bus. After, Josh, Rene and Ray went to see Watchmen and Lyndsey and I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was Sooo Good! I seriously laughed my head off!

We went to Andre's Surprise 40th Birthday party. It was crazy fun! Josh and Lyndsey with Cousin E

We saw the Suarez's, We went to the dueling piano bar Keys on Main and it was a blast!

Played with Chase, Tried to play with Happy, but he would not have it. Rome just loves dogs!

Rome played with Grandma's toys and ate dirt and would NOT spit it out or drink water. What a boy.

Rome liked the cupboards and playing with Grandpa

Rome tried french fries and played with Malcolm

I visited with Lace, Oh so nice! and we visited Gigi Johnson in the care center

I went dancing with Cam and got blisters, but it was worth it. Thanks Cam!
Rome gave Amber hugs! How sweet!
Made Ty a birthday cake, but it didn't work out right. Oh well. Happy 16th Ty!

Visited GG Thomas and got a ride on G-Grampa's scooter
I got to see Adri and her cute baby AND Autumn and Jaley came up to visit too! We stayed up ALL night talking and laughing. Lucky we don't do that too often, but it was fun
Lastly we ate pancakes with Aunt Jenny.
What a great trip! I even got to do a little shopping. Whoo hoo!


Cameron said...

Thanks for the pics Jo!

Lyndsey said...

Nice pics from the trip! Looks like the rest of the time was eventful too :-) Miss you guys.