Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am Addicted...

...to grocery sales. I love to buy things when they have a good sale. I was looking at Misty's pics of all that she had bought with her genius coupon skills. Then, I looked at what I had. I can't say I saved as much as her, but most of it was on sale. If we ever need to really use our food storage we will definitely will not starve. I really need to re-evaluate our food storage needs.
Inside freezer for baby food, veggies, fruit, small items, treats

Inside pantry. Top shelf for snacks, cereal and drinks. Second shelf for dinner items, pasta, sauce mixes, rice, potatoes, etc. Third shelf for baking items(my fav), flour, quick mix, brownie and cake mixes, sugar, peanut butter, etc. Fourth shelf for cans, veggies, fruit, beans, tomato sauce, home canned items.

Outside freezer for meat (chicken, pork, beef, fish) cheese (shredded and sliced) bread and other stuff that doesn't fit inside. I seriously love this freezer from my mom!

Outside shelves filled with paper products and boxes of food. You cannot see all of the stuff I have stuffed on this shelf. Cereal, pasta, mac and cheese, katsup, cookie mixes and more.

These are the official food storage cans. Organized of course. I really need to use most of it. It is mostly from Tucson and is getting kinda old. Anybody need oats?


Jana said...

Oh I am so jealous of your fabulous food storage! We just...really don't have much and I get overwhelmed just thinking about buying and storing extra food! Sheesh, you go girl!

Cameron said...

This is why we get along so well! If i had a pantry it would be arranged in exactly the same way!

The Funky Bunch said...

You're awesome! We really need to get working on our food storage some more...we're definitley slacking! Good job!