Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Domestic... Please

So, lately I have been feeling all domestic. Not that I have been cleaning. No, that is not happening. I am barely keeping up with all of the messes I have been making. Anyway, I made a pre-Valentine's Day pie. I used a shaker pie crust recipe and food storage dried apples for the pie. I also tried out 3-4 food storage recipes. None of which turned out too well. (potato lasagna, magic mix pudding, magic mix mac and cheese and something else.) I think I need a new food storage cook book. Then, today I made Jam! I saw on some random blog that they made blueberry syrup because they were on sale. Well, strawberries were on sale for $1. Yes, $1! So, I bought a bunch and made freezer jam. It turned out pretty well because it only took 35 minutes and Rome woke up from his nap right when I finished. Score!

Before---------------------> After, So Pretty! My pies never turn out this good!

All ready to go----------------> Finished!
Now, if only I can organize all of my scrapbook supplies and move them into the office. Then, organize the office and move it into the kitchen. Yea, it might take a while.

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Jana said...

That IS a beautiful pie, Jo! Way to go.