Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Picture Day

So, this happened to me last month. I thought it was just a zit, but then it kept getting bigger and more sore. Josh was even worried and drew a circle around it to make sure it didn't get any worse. It didn't, but it is the worst spider bite I have ever had. I guess I should have put a quarter next to it so you could tell how big it was. Oh well.


Sylvia said...

I'm glad it didn't get any bigger and you had to go to the ER or something. Stupid spider bites!

Annie Get Your Camera said...

I was once bit by a mosquito that was apparently particularly venomous because my entire blew up. It looked like an inflated surgical glove and was so hot ice melted as soon as it touched my skin. I ended up at the ER. I can't remember what medicine they gave me but they gave me this crazy foam thing to keep my hand propped up while I slept to help drain the venom or something crazy like that. Glad your bit didn't get that bad!

Annie Get Your Camera said...

Um... that was supposed to say "my entire HAND blew up". Sorry about that.