Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frame Foibles

You might have seen this before. It is our beautiful Family Portrait. I love it. I searched for the perfect frame for it. I found this beauty and got it for 50% off. I even got a matching 3 frame one for Rome's portraits. I was so excited! I ordered my 11 x 14 print and it fits perfect. Then, I went to put it on the wall and it has one teeny, tiny problem. It has no hanger on the back. Nope. None. So, here it sits. On the kitchen table. Looking lovely. So sad.

Just FYI foibles means a minor flaw or shortcoming in character or behavior. Hmm, so fitting.


Lacey said...

Just use two thumb tacks and some wire...I do it all the time!

Annie Get Your Camera said...

Oh that looks so good! (Sorry Josh's head is chopped off! I have problems with that... Chopping heads off...)