Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spa Day

Well, not really. I just got my hair done, but I was there for 2 1/2 hours while Josh watched Rome and it really felt like a spa day. How often do I really get to go relax and have someone play with my hair for a couple of hours? Answer: Never! She even gave me a hand massage and did my eyebrows. (Shh! Josh didn't notice) When I was all done and colored, washed and cut, she asked if she could play. I said "sure." I have plenty of time. I tried to tell her I was just going home to shower because I HATE cut hair, but she didn't listen. I am sure I was charged for it, but she blow dried and straightened my hair and I left looking like a movie star. It was totally worth it to feel gorgeous for two days!

(I did not end up going home and showering. I had run out of time and how could I wash it after it looked this good?)


Lacey said...

whoo mama! Isn't it amazing how just getting a hair cut is like the best thing in the world!

Annie Get Your Camera said...

I LOVE getting my hair cut! It's the best $60 I ever spend! You look fantastic!!

Cameron said...

I like your hair straight!