Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I love Valentine's Day! Or ValentiMes Day, as Josh says it. Yes, we discuss it. My favorite was once when my mom got us all little baskets with candy and school supplies for Valentine's Day. I think she only did it once, but I loved it! I felt so special! After that I always try to send valentines to my siblings. They need an extra day to feel special and loved. Don't we all? This year my M-I-L gave me a Martha Stewart magazine because it had cupcake recipes in it. (I love cupcakes too.) It also had ideas for Valentines. How could I resist! I just had to try them out. I made puzzle purses for my girlfriends with a poem about friendship on it and pop-up cards for my brothers and Josh. I also got free cards from a website that Misty told me about (they were so cute!) and sent them to grandmas and aunts. Ooo, I just love Love day!
I got pics of the boys cards, but forgot to get ones of the other ones. Girls please send me some! They were so cute! And my hand was so sore from cutting out hearts. That is what I get for being cute.


Misty said...

Jo- we loved the card here. Abby said you should have sent it to her instead! I'll take some pics and send them to you! And thanks for thinking of me, Valentines Day happens to be one of my least favorite holidays- I just don't get into the spirit!

Lacey said...

It was super cute...I will take some pics for you...seriously that must have taken some time

Jana said...

Jo, your card was so cute! I couldn't get over it! It was fun to have a little extra valentine's fun around here! You're so nice. :)