Sunday, February 15, 2009

Missed A Day

Last week I had all of these great idea for posts. I just had no time to do them. I was waiting for the weekend when I had a minute and was going to post 3 or 4 things. Well, I talked to my mom and she said that my Grandma was in the hospital and not doing very well. My parents and brother were going to come down and visit me, but thought it would be better if I came up to visit Grandma. It was going to snow, so I packed up right then and drove to SLC. I love coming up to see my family and it was nice to visit my sick Grandma... I just missed my extra time to relax and the fancy dinner I was going to make for Josh and I. I love Valentine's Day. Yes, we will celebrate later. I am just kinda sad that I missed it.

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