Saturday, February 21, 2009


Josh and I did not get to celebrate Valentine's day on the day, or even the weekend, but we did get to celebrate. I made us a fancy dinner of lobster tails and shrimp. (I got them on sale in Jan. and kept them in the freezer for just such and occasion.) Then I made chocolate covered strawberries and peanut butter cups with the leftover chocolate. It was a weird kind of chocolate though and didn't turnout quite how I would have hoped. I ate them all anyway.

Then, Josh got me these.

I was sure I had him convinced to buy me flowers. Yes, I know they are expensive on V-Day, but they are also frivolous and I wanted them. He hates flowers because they die and they make him sneeze. Ugh. Well, He found an art show and bought me these paintings of flowers. What a sweet guy. I love them!
Someday, I still want pretty flowers.


Richards Family said...

What pretty pictures of flowers - and at least they don't die!

Jana said...

Your chocolate strawberries are so much prettier than the ones Emma and I!