Saturday, November 8, 2008

65 Years

Last Saturday, Rome and I traveled to Tucson to attend his Great-Grandparents 65th Anniversary Party. Josh could not go because he had to work. Which means I went on a plane, with a baby, Alone. I do not recommend it. It went alright, even though I stressed about it all week. The party was pretty fun. Rome slept for the first part (it started at his bedtime), but then he woke up and visited with all of the relatives. It was neat to hear all of the stories and memories people have of Grandma and Grandpa Rhoades. I told one from Josh, but forgot to tell one from me. We got home late and apparently Rome did not want to sleep because he was up every hour screaming. It was not a fun night. Luckily, Dick and Suzi watched him in the morning so I could sleep for an extra hour and a half. We just hung aroung the house on Sunday. We went swimming and took naps and watched while the house was decorated for Christmas. I could say I helped, but I didn't. On Monday, we went to lunch with Cousins Ray and Rene, then went shopping with Aunt Lyndsey. Afterward, we got to go see my friend Sherida and her kids. It was so fun and I always love to visit with her. Tuesday we got up early and flew home. It was a quick trip but still so fun!

Rome with G-ma and G-pa Rhoades; Rome, me and Aunt Lyndsey

The Cake and the cool M&M's

Rome with Grandma and Grandpa Perotti, Poor kid was cold!

His new ways to sleep

Uh-Oh! He is starting to move! What a cute grin :)
My Story that I should have told: When Josh first told Grandma Rhoades about me, she asked what I was studying in school or what I did. He told her I was a dancer... A Pole Dancer. To which she said, "Oh, thats nice." Then, his mom started giggling and told her that meant I was a stripper. Eventually, they told her I was not really a stripper. Nice Josh, Thanks. I was appalled that he would tell his grandma that, but it was pretty funny.

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