Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am just awake. It is 1:30 AM. These are just random.

Congrats Adri! So glad your little girl is here! I really am jealous that she was completely ON TIME. Can NOT wait for more Pics!

Congrats to Misty! So so so happy for your news!

Yea to Jana for starting your diet again! Really hope it works. I am pretty sure that mine has gone backward by about 5 pounds. Which isn't too bad until you know that I only had 3 pounds to go. I have lots of excuses, like I was sick and it was Halloween and it was too cold to exercise. None of those are really good ones. Pooh.

Autumn, I miss you. I totally want to find a reason to come to Vegas and hang out with you and your awesome kids and totally cool messy house. (no offense, I love it) But, it is a 7 hour drive and there is not much chance of that. Sad.

Lace! Babe! My mind is mush and I cannot think of one good thing to get you for our Birthdays OR Christmas. Usually I can come up with something at least a little thoughtful that I know you will at least enjoy. Nope, not this time. I should just call and ask, but it feels silly. So, maybe some good ol' quality time and a girls night out at Thanksgiving will do.

Annie, Hey girl. I totally love your blog. I thought about doing the NaPaBlo or whatever thing. I am just NOT that creative/thoughtful/productive. It just would not happen. Oh well. It sounded cool. I am, however, SUUUUPER excited for our photo shoot! I got Rome's outfit and it is so adorable. I need to get something for Josh to wear, but that should be fairly easy. Oh and I love you to bits. I was a whiny, complaining kid when we were friends, (sometimes I still am) but somehow you put up with me and I still love you for it.

Valarie, I don't know if you will read this, but if you do: Welcome to the blogging world! I love you too and am so glad you live so close so that I can see you all the time. Oh and your blog is great. It is not like I get to see those things when we spend hours talking.

Clare, I don't understand you. I really wish I did. I don't think you like me. Oh well, sometimes I don't like you either. I know I have hurt/offended you at some time. But I cannot apologize because I do not know what I did. In my mind I make up all kinds of things that you might say or think, none of which are true because I don't know you and don't talk to you and it is worse because I DON'T KNOW. In my perfect world, we would be friends (not just pretend) and we would talk (in person AND on the phone) and share our feelings (even if they were bad at first because the good ones would come later) and I would totally understand you (and not feel like my brains are frying sometimes when I think about you). Ahh, that would be nice.

Rome, You are currently breaking my heart. I know that you should sleep. I am VERY tired. I know that you have been crying for an hour. I already had Josh check on you and HE went right back to sleep. I SO MUCH want to go in and rock you and cuddle you until you go back to sleep. However, I am too tired and my knees are killing me from carrying you around too much already and you really need to remember/relearn how to go to sleep on your own. I love you so much my little boy. PLEASE go to sleep. Please stop making me want to cry too.


Lacey said...

lol...yeah for middle of the night rantings. We can totally do something Thanksgiving weekend...that is what we do after all!

AnnieBJ said...

Yes!! I got a random shout out! I love it!!

You should do NaBloPoMo anyway! I don't think I'm all that fantastic and yet I still subject y'all to my daily post! Plus, I love your posts. So just do it. :)

I am excited for our photo shoot, too! It is going to be so fun and your Rome is GORGEOUS, which makes my job oh so easy!

And, honestly, I don't know how you put up with ME when we were kids! I was such an awful friend! You weren't, however, and I don't remember you being whiney at all. :) Love you too! Glad we're buds again!

Autumn said...

I miss you too Jocie!! You should fly here!! Last time I checked it was relatively cheap if you fly on a Tues or Wednesday... or something like that :)

Oh yeah, thanks for enjoying my "lived-in" house, it enjoys you too :)