Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bed Rants

Okay so I have some bed issues. Mostly they have to do with Josh. I do love him, but he drives me nuts about our bed!
When I was growing up I had to have my bed completely clean before I would sleep in it. In my house growing up it was very common to find dirt and rocks in your bed. I know, my house, imagine... Well, I would tear the bed apart to brush it off if there was even a hint of anything or else it would bug me and I would not sleep.
I pretty much got over this when I married Josh. He just makes the bed dirty. Also, he sweats. He is (dare I say it) a greasy Italian. He leaves a stain on the sheets and pillow and it very often is stinky. Yes, I have a sensitive nose, but I have to sleep next to him. He does not notice at all AND he likes to sleep in the very middle. I would have to ask him to scoot over many times in the middle of the night. So, my side of the bed was never clean. I tried my best, but I just had to get used to it. Eventually he got better at staying on his side and my side was a bit cleaner.
Then, he decided that we should switch. I was appalled! Why would we do that? My side is wonderful and I am used to it and it is clean! I have done it a couple of times (why does he want to switch anyway?) but only after I put on clean sheets.
This last weekend I was gone and Josh slept on my side of the bed. I don't really blame him. It is closer to the door (so I can get the baby in the middle of the night). But, now my side is stinky! I have asked and prodded him to wear pajamas or a t-shirt to bed, then this would not be a problem at all. No luck. I do really like him and I enjoy sleeping next to him, but I am pretty sure I have to change the sheets today and maybe wash the blanket. Ugh, I hate doing that.

Our pretty bed. It took me forever to pick it out. Josh didn't care because he doesn't see it at night when it is dark and he is sleeping. He is such a guy.

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Alicia said...

I told Brent that we are getting two beds the next time we have to replace our one. I love the whole bed to myself. I'm a bed hog, our bed is a king, and it's still not big enough. That's a funny stroy. Boys are so funny.