Friday, November 14, 2008

Yay Day!

Today is a Yay Day! I just keep saying it so I must be in some sort of good mood. I said it when I got to sleep in (because I went to bed really late, silly me). I said it when Rome ate (Yay that feels so much better!) because I put him to bed early so I was busting out this morning. (Ha ha! I made a pun!) I said it when Josh went to work. (Yay alone!) I like when he is home, but sometimes I like the house to myself. Side note: He forgot his lunch again today, silly boy. I said it when I was holding Rome on my lap playing (Yay this is fun!). What a cute little boy I have! I said it when I laid him down for a nap And he went to sleep after only 10 minutes of fussing. (Yay sleeping baby!) I said it when I ate a snack and only felt like eating fruit (Yay Me for diets working!) and not chocolate. I said it when I looked at my house to clean it and thought, "its not even that dirty. I probably only need to vacuum." (Yay for clean houses!) [Okay it is NOT really that clean, but whatever.] I said it when I thought of scrapbooking group at my house tonight. (Yay friends!) I get to scrapbook for at least a couple hours. I don't usually get much done, but my friends come over and we talk and laugh and it is great! I said it when I thought of making treats for tonight. (Yay I get to make cookies!) And I don't even feel like making OR eating cookies. Wierd. (Yay for $1 delicious coookie mixes!) I think it when I look at my Christmas list and it is seriously ALMOST DONE! (Yay for Christmas shopping done!) I wrote it on more than one blog comment today. (Yay for everyone!) Now, I get to go shower. (Yay for showers!) What a GOOD Day!

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Autumn said...

I love posts about good days! Yay for you :)