Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

Yesterday did not go just how I thought it would.
Here is what should have happened: I get up at 8 or 8:30. Josh plays with Rome for a little while and then goes to work. I feed Rome and get him ready. I get ready and take him in the stroller with the little dogs and we walk for at least 30 minutes. We come home. Rome took a nap while we were walking so he plays happily while I shower. I get dressed and eat lunch. We leave to go shopping. I only have 2 items, a movie and a game, that I need to pick up. I find them easily at the same store and we go home. Rome takes his second nap. We then go to the grocery store and I find everything on sale. Then, I make a new recipe for dinner. Chicken Tetrazinni. It is delicious. I also make mini cheesecakes for my friends jewelry party tonight. I go over to the party while Josh watches Rome and I have a great time. I go home in time to feed Rome, give him a bath and put him to bed. Then, I have a couple of hours to read, work on Christmas presents, watch a show, whatever. Ahh!

This is what could have happened: I get up at 7 because Rome is awake. Josh sleeps in. I feed Rome and get him ready. Josh watches TV and eats breakfast, leaving for work at 10. Rome takes a nap. I eat lunch and then get ready. We go out in the stroller with the dogs and walk for 40 minutes. Rome only sleeps for 10 minutes and is still tired. He is not quite happy when I go to shower. He is screaming when I come out of the shower. I think I have about an hour before he needs another nap so we leave to go shopping. I can't find anything and it takes 3 hours. I feed Rome late, he misses his nap. I try to put him down at 4 when Josh comes home. He only sleeps for 30 minutes and I have to hold him or he screams. Josh offers to make dinner and I try not to "help" him too much. I sneak dinner while on the floor playing with Rome. I am tired, he is tired and I finally feed him and put him to bed early at 7:30. I am no fun and go to bed at 9:30.

This is what did happen: We all got up at 8. Rome is pretty happy, but I feed him and get him ready. Josh decides to stay home today. He watches a movie. Rome takes a nap. I get ready. We eat lunch. I leave to go shopping. I can find the movie I am looking for, but not the game. I try 3 stores and finally just buy the movie. I go to Michaels and Rome will not sit in the cart. He needs to be held while I look for crafty Christmas things. I find a couple and we go home. I put Rome down for a nap. Josh plays on the computer. I go to the grocery store. I find what I need and try not to buy extra because I missed my snack and am hungry. I forget my perscription and have to go back. I am now late to make dinner. I start my new recipie and Rome starts to scream. Josh does his best with Rome and then we trade. We cook together (this NEVER happens). Finally Rome is happy and I stir the sauce. And stir..and stir..and STIR. It probably cooked for 45 minutes. The recipie just said until it thickens. It never did. I was suposed to bake it for 35 minutes also. I was starving and just stuck it all in the pot together. There was waay too much sauce and it turned to glue. I add broccoli because we need to eat vegetables. I don't think Josh ate them. I try to eat while on the floor with Rome. He keeps hitting my bowl and wants to eat it too. I have to fend him off along with the dogs to get anything to eat. I never got to make my treat for my friends party which started an hour ago. I take Rome and go over anyway. He is perfect for her and plays on the floor with her kids. The stinker. I am exhausted. I just sit on a chair the whole time. We go home at 7:45 and I hurry to put Rome to bed. No oatmeal. No bath. Just bed. I go to work on ordering prints from online because they are having a one day free shipping sale. I need to order them anyway so, great! It takes forever! The sale ends at midnight and I finish at 11:30. Lucky. Josh goes to bed without me and I sneak into bed trying not to wake him up. I try to sleep while feeling guilty that I didn't bathe the baby or feed him his oatmeal and Josh stayed home from work and I did not hang out with him at all. I tell myself not to feel guilty. Yea, like that works.

Here is what Would have happened had I not tried to do too many things: Rome wakes up happy. Josh decides to stay home. I rearrange my plans. We get ready and we all go shopping. It is enjoyable because we are together. Rome takes a nap because shopping does not take 3 hours. I go to the grocery store, but scrap the new recipie and do something easy and quick. I manage to make cookies from a mix. I go to my friends party early. My friend is happy. I spent time with Josh. He is happy. Rome has a good hour with Mommy and goes to bed happy. I am not tired or stressed and I am happy. Why do I keep overplanning things anyway?

And if you read this whole thing...I am not apologizing for it being way too long. You read it.


Richards Family said...

Wow - what can I say - I loved the different scenarios - especially what really happened. But stop with the guilt already! You can bath Rome tomorrow and Josh will take another day off. Life is too short to spend it worrying - besides there is too much to do!

AnnieBJ said...

When I had just the one kid I bathed him every night, rain or shine, even when I was 20 months pregnant (or so it felt) because I thought he NEEDED it to help him calm down and go to sleep. Yeah, not so much. Now he goes sometimes as long as a two weeks between baths and Emily usually gets one once a week. And they're both perfectly fine. I think we expect too much of ourselves. Putting him to bed was the right thing to do. He needed and was ready for it.

I have had many a day like the one you described. They come with the mommy/wife package. It's hard to not feel guilty, but if you hang on to those guilts they'll pile up awful quick because I promise you'll have more days like that. But, you learn. Next time you'll take a few things off your list and enjoy yourself a bit more. :)

Autumn said...

Your husband can just stay home from work when he wants to!?! Lucky!